Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Relaxing on a Tuesday morning.

I am sitting here watching my two favorite men sleep...and snore...and I am smiling. The sun is pouring through the window making rainbows on the yellow walls of the living room...and I am smiling. I am loved and the people who love me tell me so...often....and I am smiling. I am off work for the whole week so I can rest, regroup, center, share, and talk with people I love...and I am smiling. I can feel the warmth, smell the lingering food scents, hear the gentle snores, and see...oh I can see all of the wonderful sights of light and color and texture and familiarity...and I am smiling. God will never let me down...and I am smiling. There is a bright and wonderful new year about to start with all of the hopes and joys and blessings waiting to flood over me. How can I help but keep smiling?

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