Monday, December 21, 2009

Doctor's visit

I know it is silly but I see my doctor this afternoon and I am a little worried. No, I don't feel especially sick, nor have I had any premonition. I think it is just plain knee jerk fretting. This is a 3 month followup (actually 2 1/2 month). I asked him to set my appointment for late December so that it would still fall in 2009 for the insurance deductibles -since they're all met for this year [no kidding, really?]. Since my savings are all gone, the longer we can put off 2010 start up costs the better.
Maybe that is where the fear comes in? If anything is wrong and I need to resume - anything - I am financially toast. Luckily, we had been saving for a bathroom in the basement and so had a little nest egg when 2009 hit. As of this paycheck my insurance at work went up over 100 more a month and thanks to city property taxes our mortgage has done half again as much as that. Some say I should have sued the 'old bad doctor' and there are times I wonder if I heard right when I listened to the inner voice.
Ah but then if I question that voice every time I cannot say that I live by faith can I. Faith is trust and I trust God will not leave me flapping in the breeze.
I think the only affliction my doctor will discover is that I did not loose the weight he wanted me to loose by the next time he saw me. Sorry. It is just a combination of work stress eating and the long run of holidays. Hey buddy-let's see you deal with what I deal with and loose weight. HA!
There, that felt good.

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