Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Withdrawals perhaps?

I started a 'diet' (so to speak) on Monday as part of this plan to improve. I say diet with tongue in cheek because it is really just moving away from a whole year of eating badly to suddenly eating correctly. To get through the rough transition quickly I quit all sugars, starches, and other favorite fun foods - cold turkey. I love fudge, Coke, breads, pastas, and all things comforting and last night my body had the first of several anticipated rebellions. By around 7pm I got hit with a steamroller purging that mostly involved the gastric portion of my system and lasted well past midnight. This morning I am weak and wiggly and dehydrated so water is my prime directive. Beneath it all, however, I actually feel a bit better without the endearing poisons. Sigh.

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