Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Positive start for a new year.

New Year's resolutions are fairly commonplace, to be sure, and usually are about diets and bad habits and exercise programs and playing fair and increased productivity and....any number of other grandiose attempts to make a run at improving one's personal status quo. January first, by its very placement in the calendar, stands as one of those unique moments each year when we all feel enabled to embrace Tabula rosa.

I am no exception and I have thought quite a bit lately about dieting, my job, the economy, and starting a new blog with a new bent, motivation, and tone. You see, I believe that perspective can be altered by attitude and attitude can be redirected by the manual exercise of repeatedly focusing on the positive. Christians count blessings and zen masters reject negative energy, so it appears that the concept is an old and viable one - this focus on the positive. I want to begin again and this time be happier.

True, I cannot go back and undo all those things that I wish had turned out wrong, and I can't just create my own version of the witness protection program without loosing the good parts of my life so far. What I can do is try from here forward to do things the way I know they could be done. I can look to the good in people, take note of all of the beauty around me, and make a concerted effort to strengthen the positive aspect of my nature. I believe that then my perspective can swing back toward positive forward motion.

This is my goal, my new year's resolution - to get back on track becoming the best version of me that I possibly can by pulling my mind, my body and my talents into a more cohesive and well aligned spiritual being. I know that I will be happier for the effort and I suspect that anyone who knows me will be happier too.

Read along if you like. It is just one woman's attempt to effect her life and who knows, you may discover you prefer the positive too? It can't hurt.

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