Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's a pretty day . . . that cold and acutely crisp way that midwinter days can be.

My Dad is on the road today driving back to his home up north. His route crosses several state lines so I am pretty happy that the weather is fine. Tomorrow, his original departure day, we are anticipating an Alberta clipper with snow all day and he would have been driving straight through it. Bad. I would worry for anyone dear to me but he is 86 so I am probably extra protective. As it is, he has checked in periodically and he is almost there. Thanks, God.

All in all I feel quite a bit better today. Despite several irritating moments, I do not feel as combative and sensitive. Perhaps it is the lack of sugar or perhaps it is a renewed determination to let things go, but I am doing OK. I suspect trying to make behavior modifications is similar for anything that has a habitual hold on mind or body, be it addictive substances, food, drink, or attitude. For years, I have been on such a progressively downward spiral that anger, depression, and hopelessness have become commonplace. In a way, it seems a reasonable concept to yoke my endeavors to loose weight and loose the negativity into one push, because both take vigilance and perseverance to become the new foundation that all else rebuilds on. Onward and upward.

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