Monday, February 23, 2009

I've been distracted...badly.

I can hardly believe that it has been over a month and I have not posted anything. I am so embarrassed. But wait, before you jump on the chastisement bandwagon of my lagging resolution to say something positive with some modicum of frequency, you should know that I have been speaking ... just not here in the blog sphere. This blog is a journal, after all, and just like every journal or diary I have ever attempted, I get distracted by living my life and forget to write about my life. Even in the angst filled years of my twenties, I could never stay the course and have a finely metered tome with no large gaps in calendar. Looks like I am consistent! No matter. It was about the attitude more than the pace.

So, what about all of these missing entries? I can't just epistilize ad naseum or I will become grumpy in the typing of them and defeat the whole purpose of this task. I could note them with out fluff but that is a bit provincial and bland. Still, it would let you know I had been paying attention...
  • Painting buttons. Who knew that fabric artists were in need of someone with the skills to paint in small scale, in a utilitarian manner, to embellish their art form. Who knew?
  • Give myself away. I donated a little watercolor to an art gallery for their auction to raise funds.
  • Do more than expected. I have tried to be a conscientious employee and stay a bit longer than I need to, do a little more than expected, and be a little more helpful than deserved.
  • I have attended several workplace social functions and found the good in them, either through the people who were in attendance or in the pure ideal that I am employed when so many are not.
  • Dived into social networking and became a member of the big FB. whoa! Fun but a genuine time vampire so I am now learning how to reign it in and not play during working hours. Most assuredly I am not going to get sucked into all of the infernal gifting that is such an annoying and adolescent part of it all. Can't we just say hello and put a verbal arm around each other's shoulder when it is appropriate? Oh, oh....I feel a curmudgeon coming on. Stop it.
  • Spent a loving weekend in the big city to the east celebrating my wedding anniversary. It was good. I had fun. I am still in love after all of these years. The rest of that one is all positive and will stay in my heart.
  • You know, I could actually go on and on because that is what happens when a person begins to count their blessings but now that I have mentioned my sweetheart, I need to go home to him.

Be well and be happy... and God bless.

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